What is Mehndi?

 Mehndi is the Hindi word describing the process of painting patterns on the body with henna paste and the resulting stains left on the skin. Using henna paste, intricate patterns are applied to the skin, traditionally on the hands and feet.


An old folktale tells the story of a young bride. In those days when a bride received her Mehndi for her wedding she was not required to do any household work or chores until her Mehndi faded away. This young bride was very lazy and every night after her wedding she would sneak to another room and re-apply her Mehndi. Her husband began to wonder what was going on, as it was taking twice the normal time for her Mehndi to fade. He finally took her to the doctor, who found nothing wrong. It wasn't till one day when the young bride was awful tired while re-applying her Mehndi that she made a mistake. The next morning the husband saw new lines out of place in her Mehndi and immediately knew what she had done.